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Managing your debt can be a tricky business, however, NJ Credit Repair can help you manage your current debt while working to remove the unfair, negative items on your credit report.

Credit Management Education and Counseling.

August 1, 2019

One of our team members will provide you with a Free Credit Audit, where we will explore the aspects of your credit that could be improved. While we determine the best plan to improve your credit, we will provide you with the basic knowledge that you need to start managing your credit correctly. Also, do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will be there to answer your questions.

Credit Audit Performance Review

January 1, 2019

We all make mistakes and often we have past-due balances in our credit report that we have been unable to pay. NJ Credit Repair team members are here to help you find the items in your credit report that are affecting you negatively and provide the proper advice in how to address these issues.

Removal of Negative Incorrect Items

August 19, 2019

NJ Credit Repair will determine all the incorrect information on your credit report during your Free Credit Consultation. Once these items have been identified the NJ Credit Repair will set up a plan to request credit bureaus to remove and correct these items that are currently affecting your credit score. Watch out 79% of credit reports in the US have some type of error.

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