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How can I improve my credit score?

The best way to improve your credit score y to pay your debt down, remove the negative items from your credit report and maintain your credit lines in good standing. But remember everyone's situation is different and the approach to improve your credit will change depending on your particular situation.
This is why NJ Credit Repair always starts by reviewing the credit report of all our clients. At NJ Credit Repair we use a simple strategy that is the key to success. Identify- Take Action- Improve

How long does it take to repair my credit?

The time that takes to repair your credit is dependant upon many factors. For example, how damaged is your credit at the moment you start working with us and the type of delinquent items you are currently trying to resolve.  At NJ Credit Repair we focus on building a plan to fix your credit in the shortest time frame possible. The sooner we start the sooner we finish.

Where can I find my credit reports?

NJ Credit Repair will obtain your credit scores with your authorization and will share them with you. We use this information to create a roadmap for building a plan to improve your score. All the information obtained by NJ Credit Repair is kept secure and confidential to protect your identity.


obtain your credit report

Use Smart Credit to obtain your credit report for only $1 from the 3 credit bureaus


free credit consultation

We will review your credit report 100 % free of charge and help you build a plan to improve it.


take action

We will tell you what to do to improve your credit score. You can also hire us to do the heavy lifting.

+1 201-854-6291

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